Thursday, 4 October 2012

Dear God.

Essentially this post details my views on religion. It's National Poetry Day today, so heck, I thought I'd write a little rhyme. It's a controversial matter, I know, but it had to come up some day. I'd appreciate it if you read it with an open mind. And please don't throw any Bibles at me.

Dear God.
Why do I refer to you as ‘you’,
As though you’re a sapient being too?
To me you’re a concept, like love, envy, hate,
But you know what makes me fucking irate?
The aforementioned abstracts can be proven by chemistry, science,
But ‘you’ can’t, you just represent defiance.
Defiance of evidence, of truth, morality,
Rejection of fact, for ‘spirituality’.
One thing I’ll never understand;
(Which is the reason religion will never end),
That we fear human ignorance; things we can’t comprehend.
So in compensation for our blindness, we created this friend,
But this friend has no answers, can teach us nothing new,
‘He’ just re-phrases what we already knew.
Shall I tell you why ‘He’ tells us what we want to hear?
Why ‘He’s’ always there to avert our fears?
‘Immanuel’ – God is with us, but what I think they mean to say,
Is that God IS us, at the end of the day.
God is a figment of our imagination,
God wasn’t there at the ‘start of creation’,
Technically ‘science’ wasn’t there either,
Yet I trust in ‘science’ as a non-believer,
‘Science’ is the knowledge we’ve systematically gained,
The observation of facts which remain unfeigned.
I’ll take truth and proven fact as Gospel,
Not evangelical ravings from a biased Disciple.
People turn to praying as a desperate, last attempt
To redeem the irredeemable, or to try and repent.
This makes me angry, why not be proactive,
Try and make amends when we can’t live and let live.
If we can’t cope with uncertainty, let’s face what is certain,
If the sickness is terminal, don’t wait till the curtain
Is closed and pray for their soul after death,
Make their living time happy and offer relief.
Why do God-fearing Christians fear their demise?
Surely life-eternal, up above is a fair compromise?
Is it because there’s a glimmer of doubt,
The worry that no matter how loud you shout,
No one is listening, and nobody cares?
That life’s a precious, one way ticket, with no return fare?
When I die, that’s the end, there’s no chance to contest,
I’ll decompose in the ground, along with even the best
Of us. I’ve led a God-Damn blasphemous life, but I don’t fear Hell,
I have no time for Gods, Devils or Angels.
Sometimes I wish there was an ‘eternal life’ option,
Not for my sake, but for that of my loved ones.
Jesus Christ, sometimes I fear the end,
Knowing there’s only one place that I’m destined.
We Homo Sapiens are Selfish creatures,
The need to survive is an intrinsic feature.
We’re here to reproduce, and then to die,
The Garden of Eden was simply a lie
To explain how we got here, for we didn’t understand
Until Darwin’s theory gave us a hand.
As far as I can see, we weren’t put here for a reason,
There’s no pre-destined purpose, or unique, personal mission,
Just seemingly inexplicable coincidence, that’s all there is to it,
You won’t get very far, asking ‘God’ to go through it.
I apologise now, if my views insult you.
But they are my thoughts, so I won’t consult you,
In the same way that I don’t expect your beliefs to alter
On my behalf, as you kneel at the altar.
I’ll contest your religion, but I don’t expect your conversion,
To manipulate your thoughts would be unfair perversion.
But you can’t debate with me on blatant actuality,
Whereas I can with you, on belief and traditionality,
For with opinion there can be no wrong or right,
It’s up to you if you’ve seen the light.
But to me, I believe it’s utter...
Rubbish. So,
Dear God, Thank you, but Goodnight.

Charlotte Davey 4.10.12 ©